Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Make a Lady Bag Oriental Style

No doubt, the main bag is the most preferred accessories for women. Even in certain circles the bag has become an important fashion statement.

If during the woman's handbag collection dominated by leather bags, now you can expand the horizons of dress with a handbag from Bag Style Oriental woman.

These Tips Making Oriental Style Handbag

Oriental Style Handbag Material:
A. Chinese motif fabric
2. shantung fabric
3. foam layer
4. hardware cloth
5. 1 cm along the rope chair size 85 cm
6. A little fabric glue velcro to

How To Make a Handbag Oriental Style:
· Cut the fabric with a Chinese motif size 60x60 cm
· Cut shantung fabric with a size of 60x60 cm
· Cut the hardware cloth with a size of 25x25 cm, and paste it in the middle of the fabric shantung
· Cut a cross-shaped layers of foam with a size of 45 cm (see figure no. 3), then sewing the edges.
· Take the piece of fabric motifs and China unite on the basis of foam with shantung fabric, sewing around its perimeter.
· Measure 17cm from the end of the fabric to the right and 17 cm from the edge of fabric to the bottom (see picture no. 1), then fold out (see figure no.2).
· Sew a distance of 2 cm in the folds of the triangle.
· Fold the pattern into two parts, then stitch the left and right without the fold of the triangle before, trim.
· Sew a piece of velcro to the adhesive on the top of the bag.
· Cut the rope chair to the size of 85 cm and coated with shantung fabric, make as much as 2X, then sewing the ends of the rope on the edge of the bag, trim.



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